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  1. What Is Christian Leadership? 8 Principles
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Matthew ,25 - A disciple seeks to be like his master. Christians are disciples of Jesus Acts We should follow His steps because He left us a sinless example 1 Peter , As we face each decision in life, we should ask, "What would Jesus do? See also Gal. Christians have an even stronger motive. We seek the crown of eternal life James ; Rev. We should set our minds on our eternal reward, not on earthly things Col.

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Lack of motivation is a major reason people do not change to please God. They do not have sufficient desire to change. Instead they want to please themselves or their friends and family. Often they are too concerned with the things of this life. Until our motives are right, little else in this study will help us. But when we are determined that serving God is our most important purpose in life, then we will find the means to make the necessary changes.

When we lack the motivation to change, let us think about why we should love God, think about the importance of being like Christ, and think about our eternal destiny. Proverbs - Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life. The way you act is determined by your attitudes and intentions. People and circumstances may influence you, but you do not have to give in.

You do what you decide to do cf. He will always make a way of escape. It follows that you can break any bad habit and develop any good habit according to God's will. Philippians - We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. This includes changing to please Him. If we trust our own strength, we will fail. Satan can defeat us. If we use Christ's strength we will succeed, because Satan can never defeat Him.

Perhaps we have failed in the past because we have trusted our own power instead of using Christ's. People sometimes convince themselves, "I just can't change. It's too late. Besides, I'm only human. They will fail simply because they will give up instead of persisting to use God's power. No matter how strong a temptation you face, no matter how long you have practiced a sin, if God says to change, you can change.

See also Eph. Joshua - To succeed in God's work, meditate on God's word.

What Is Christian Leadership? 8 Principles

List the pertinent Bible passages about each habit you need to change. List reasons why you should change. Meditate on these verses daily, filling your mind with them. Psalm ; Deuteronomy - Frequently remind yourself of these verses.

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Write them and place them where they will remind you: on your bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator door, on your table at mealtime, on the TV knob. Matthew - Jesus overcame temptation by quoting Scripture. But this worked only because He knew the Scripture. Memorize verses about your habit so that, when you are tempted, they will come to mind and strengthen you. Quote them to yourself and to those who tempt you. See also Prov. Acts - Sin requires repentance. Repentance is a change of mind - a determined commitment to cease sin and obey God see Matt.

Before one can change his conduct, he must change his mind. Proverbs - Do not cover up your sin, deny it, excuse it, or blame someone else.

Admit the error and be truly sorry 2 Cor. But sorrow is not enough. We have truly repented only when we are so sorry that we determine to change our conduct. God has provided everything we need. The decision is ours. We will never change until we make up our minds to pursue the means God provides until we succeed. The decision to do this is repentance, and no one will change to please God without it.

Proverbs - We must devise to do good, not evil.

God's example demonstrates the importance of planning. He purposed man's redemption Rom. Likewise, God's servants need to have a plan to succeed in His service Luke ; Dan. In what other important endeavors will we succeed without a plan? Consider the forethought needed to build a house, run a business or a household, program a computer, etc.

Worthwhile activities, to be successful, need planning. Likewise, to change your life, you need a specific, practical checklist of steps you will take to change. Analyze the circumstances or causes that lead you to fail to do right, then plan how to avoid those causes. It may help to write your plan down and modify it as needed.

This plan will include some specific points we are studying plus other points that fit your specific problem. Many people fail to change to please God because they never planned to succeed. They did not plan to fail, but they failed to plan! If you are not yet a child of God, you need to believe in Jesus, repent of sins, confess Christ, and be baptized to be forgiven of sins Mark ; Rom. When you have done those things, you become a child of God Gal.

If you sin afterward, you need to pray for forgiveness Acts ; 1 John ; Prov. Matthew - Ask God to "deliver us from evil" cf. Tell God exactly what your problem is. Pray often and regularly 1 Thess. Pray especially at the moment when you face temptation Matt. God has promised that, if you ask His help, He will hear and answer 1 Peter ; Phil. James - Christians should confess their faults to one another so they can pray for one another. We should bear one another's burdens Gal. If our sins have harmed specific individuals, we should apologize to them Matt.

When we are fighting an especially difficult habit, it may help to choose one or two special counselors to talk with regularly. They can give us Bible passages and good advice about how to change. They can encourage us. It may motivate us just to know that others are aware of our problem. And they can surely pray for us. Public church meetings are especially designed to give encouragement Heb.

We need to attend regularly for many reasons, but especially we need encouragement as we try to become what God wants us to be. Abundant, steadfast work is needed. We have discussed several steps to prepare us to change, but none of them can substitute for hard work and dedicated effort. All the good attitudes in the world will not get the job done until we follow through with action.


God does not promise change will be easy, but He promises it is possible if we work diligently according to His word. James - Be doers of the word, not just hearers. Habits are formed by repeated action. We learn to ride a bicycle by forcing ourselves to practice, even when it feels unnatural and uncomfortable. But repetition produces a habit that then feels natural and enjoyable.

So we change to serve God only when we compel ourselves to do what we know is right and repeat it until it becomes "second nature. Ephesians - Do not just put off the old man.