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It also investigates how such religious prompts may have interacted with the political, cultural and socio-economic contexts in which the mosque type materialized. As such, this book scrutinizes two dominant tendencies regarding the mosque type, the modern Western views on its non-Islamic origins and the Islamic legalist views on what it should look like. By George Anton Kiraz. Series: Gorgias Handbooks. By Robert Hoyland.

Series: Gorgias Islamic Studies This seminal work continues to shape the thought of specialists studying the Late Antique crossroads at which Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian, and Islamic histories met, by offering the field a new approach to the vexing question of how to write the early history of Islam. Hoyland also shares some personal reflections on how his thinking has since developed and the potential impact of this on the findings of the original study.

The book also includes new appendices that detail the later publications of the author. By Keenan Baca-Winters. By Christopher Paul Clohessy.

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During her life she was impoverished and weak, neglected, marginalized, and divested of justice: but her reward in heaven comprises incalculable riches, all those in heaven will bow their heads to her, and her company will be the angels and the friends of God. Here, for the first time, her story is told. By Amina Inloes. What is the nature and social role of women? This book takes a more nuanced approach to that question by exploring how women are portrayed in hadith on ancient sacred narrative — the stories of the prophets.

By Angelika Brodersen. By Ruth Roded. Women in Islamic Biographical Collections: From Ibn Sa'd to Who's Who is a groundbreaking study of 40 bibliographical collections, dating from the 9th century to the present, investigating which type of woman Muslim scholars have deemed worthy of recording for posterity. The analysis clearly indicates that Muslim women have achieved prominence in certain fields at certain times. By Avraham Elmakias. Translated from Hebrew, this groundbreaking study sets out to answer one simple question: who were the commanders of the early Islamic navy?

Using the prosopographical method, Elmakias unearths fresh information about early Islam's inexperienced and pioneering naval commanders. Through their fascinating biographies, we learn about the people who led the Islamic navy during the first conquests of the Islamic empire and helped to realise the spread and expansion of Islamic influence.

This is her story. By Najib George Awad. Published online: 19 Jul Article Metrics Views. Article metrics information Disclaimer for citing articles. Login options Log in.

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