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The media and entertainment industry operates in an environment of great change, with customers increasingly sourcing their media via alternative means, growing competition and budgetary pressures. We advise German and international production companies, media, distribution companies and content providers.

Our core competences are development, financing, production, marketing and sale of film and TV productions; licence, production and exploitation agreements for broadcasting stations, productions and marketing companies; personal rights and press issues; liability of internet platforms; franchising and white label models for content providers and operators for internet offers; evaluation platforms and social community integration of applications into Facebook, StudiVZ, etc, and online distribution.

Gesetzesentwurf zum Paketboten-Schutz-Gesetz. Fieldfisher nimmt ihren Mandanten Mehraufwand und Risiken durch digitale Rechtsberatung ab. What is the future of global digital payment systems? The answer: money on blockchains. Showing all content. Andreas Driver, LL. Marcus Iske, Marcus Kamp and Dr. Fieldfisher nimmt ihren Mandanten Mehraufwand und Risiken durch digitale Rechtsberatung ab'.

A young woman speaks of her stamps, her friends and the sea. Yana speaks of her stamps, the wonderful images and the journeys around the world they make possible.

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All of this connects her with Kolya, who drops by for a cup of tea day in day out. Occasionally Peter also comes along, and then they go for a walk by the sea. Even though her disability complicates matters she has an attitude to life that emanates strength and clarity. What is staged, what is documentary? Kateryna Gornostai — geboren in Luzk, Sowjetunion Ukraine. She studied biology, and later journalism at the Kiev Mohyla Academy. Kriegen sie noch die Kurve?

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She wants sex, he wants to sleep. Through the wall we can hear his parents; everyday discussions of plumbers and who should have the remote control. A dismal scenario with no end in sight; she longs for passion and wants a frank discussion, whilst Eugene attempts to appease her with empty words.

Can they still turn the corner? A series of intimate, thought-provoking discussions on love and relationships.

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Hartes Training und das Warten auf den Aufstiegskampf. He has been involved in alternative cinema and theatre. A promising young boxer whose trainer happens to also be her father. Furthermore, he has been a screenwriter and member of the European Film Academy. Ein Bett, von oben betrachtet. Das Leben ist ein Karussell. Hier ist es ein Bett. A bed, viewed from above. A journey through time, unconventional and full of unexpected twists and turns. I made my way to the furniture factory under the cover of darkness and when I came back there was a power cut.

Sie lebt mit ihrer Mutter, die noch verlorener im Leben ist als Romy. Who can a youngster turn to for a role-model when her mother has fallen hopelessly in love and her father is occupied with his new family? Romy is forced to go through puberty together with a mother unable to offer her a sense of stability. Despite the concern and contempt Romy senses an intimate mother-daughter relationship, and nevertheless she feels increasingly alone.

When her cat disappears she seeks refuge with her father; there is however no space for her with his new family.

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In manchen Jahren kristallisiert sich ein bestimmtes Thema heraus, das die U Filme wie ein Leitmotiv durchzieht. Wir bekommen verschiedenste Familienkonstellationen zu Gesicht und keine davon entspricht einem funktionierenden Modell verheirateter Eltern mit Kindern. Ist es Zufall, dass das Familienthema in diesem Jahr so stark sichtbar ist? This year, we feature three current productions from both participant countries, four of which are feature-length, and the remaining two, to be shown together, medium-length.

SUNNY - the movie by Silke C. Engler — Kickstarter

Occasionally a certain issue emerges that unites our featured works and serves as a guiding theme for the U18 Competition. Is it a coincidence that family issues have come to the fore this year? Theresa von Eltz — geboren in Bonn. Sie studierte Geschichte und Politik in Berlin.

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Theresa von Eltz — born in Bonn, Germany. She studied history and politics in Berlin.

Ausgerechnet kurz vor Weihnachten landet Lara in der Jugendpsychiatrie. Statt sich auf Weihnachten zu freuen, hat Lara ganz andere Sorgen. Shortly before Christmas Lara ends up in a youth psychiatric ward. There, together with three fellow inmates and an unconventional psychiatrist, she ends up spending a holiday to remember.

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Lara has bigger problems to worry about than preparing for Christmas. Assisted by an extraordinary psychiatrist the young patients begin to open up, as a result of which they sample a most unusual Christmas experience. Julia Kowalski — geboren in Frankreich als Kind polnischer Eltern. Julia Kowalski — born in France to Polish parents.

Her preferred themes are: the working-class environment, Poland, adolescence, family and sexuality. Rose meets Jozef, the latter in search of his self-important son, who attends the same school as Rose. On trying to establish contact between the father and son she hopelessly falls in love. In the subsequent whirlwind of emotions the troubled youngster manipulates the information she receives on the missing son for her own ends, as a result of which she ends up ensnared in a game of seduction, manipulation and conquest.

Christiane Stützle

Mascha Schilinski — geboren in Berlin. Mascha Schilinski — born in Berlin.

She worked as a casting agent for children and young adults and graduated from the School of Writers at Hamburg Film Academy in , and subsequently worked as a freelance writer. Tomasz Jeziorski — geboren in Warschau, Polen. Tomasz Jeziorski — born in Warsaw, Poland.

He graduated in culture studies from the University of Warsaw. He also works in theatres worldwide as video designer. In , he took part in the Locarno Film Academy. Then one day he meets a girl who truly turns his life upside down.