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Rorie had been taught that his laran was flawed and useless, but it would take a different kind of talent to survive the haunted Tower.

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Maridah was a scholar in Samarkhand, but she was also heir to the throne of Khazarand, so she returned to Khazarand when her grandmother, the current Princess of Khazarand, was near death. Her grandmother told her to take the contents of the brass ca Their only hope lies across the sea: escaping a brutal witch-hunt and the flaming ruins of the city, Eliane gathers the frightened orphans onboard the last ship.

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This story first Not your grandmother's fairy tales From the golden isles of Gr Magic, Swords, and Romance Want a taste of romance in your swashbuckling adventure? Sparkling verbal repartee in your heroic quest? A lover swain spun of dreams and moonlight? A rescue from an Algerian brothel? Swords that would rather make love th She's a Ranger, a wild and savvy knife-fighter, determined to get help in finding her partner who's lost on the treacherous northern border.

He's a scholar who sees visions, eager to escape the confines of city life and the shadow of his charismatic Hungry for "a wild and woolly journey through time and space," some really cool aliens, and a touch of romance? Far in the future, an interplanetary civil conflict has ground to an uneasy halt, leaving its human victims bitter and desperate: Kithri, Ross, appears on Valentine's Day In the spirit of classic period swashbucklers, Zorro, the Scarlet Pimpernel, and D'Artagnan, brimming with romantic courtly in Bradley's protagonists in the classic Darkover novels.

The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 1984-1998

Part of the problem is the markedly low information density of the writing in this novel, particularly as compared to the novels that mark the high point of her career -- Heritage of Hastur , The Forbidden Tower , The Shattered Chain. If you read any of these novels closely, particularly the third, which starts by tossing us straight into a Free Amazon trading party in the notoriously mysogynistic Dry Towns, you'll notice how almost every sentence introduces us to several important bits of Darkovan culture, often seamlessly with the interactions of the characters it's a really great exercise for writers looking to improve their worldbuiolding and information-feeding skills.

In this novel and the two that preceded it it can take us several paragraphs to get key information about the situation, which makes it feel more like something written by a rather clumsy fanfic writer who was firmly reminded of the importance of including the necessary background information for even a brand new reader to get their bearings in the world. I hate to use the word ham-handed, but there's a certain clumsiness and superficiality in these scenes that leave me with an impression of clumsiness in the writing that would be forgivable in a writer's first or second book read The Planet Savers or Sword of Aldones to see where Marion Zimmer Bradley started from but which is disappointing in a senior figure of the field.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in the Terran base.

Lyle Belfontaine, who's as much a caricature of a Napoleon Complex as a character, is in a fury about what he perceives as the insult of being ordered to withdraw all Terran forces from Darkover in thirty days. Solely to assuage his own ego, and without any meaningful resistance form anyone else in the Terran legation hierarchy, he decides to provoke an incident that is somehow going to secure the position and the fame that he regards s his rightful due.

go site The bulk of the novel is all these various characters bouncing along the various points of what's very much a set-piece plot as they move toward their inevitable final confrontation. There's some development of interesting new forms of laran , and we get to learn about the subculture of Darkover's bands of traveling players, but none of it has the richness and depth I loved in the classic Darkover novels. For Lyle Belfontaine it's a perfect opportunity for a decapitation strike that will leave Darkover's native leadership in such disarray that he can bring in Federation forces and impose order, force this recalcitrant planet into the mold that best suits the policies of the Expansionists.

Except he has left himself unprotected from the telepaths he so despises, thus giving Lew Alton and a few other key Darkovan leaders an opportunity to thwart his ambush. And here's where I find my suspension of disbelief strained to the limit, in the sheer casualness with which the heroic defenders of Darkover contravene the Compact and the Monitor's Oath.

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