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Call me back. Search for:. Company Profile News Events. How to find us Explore Global Network. Zip code:. Job Opportunities Job Application. Specialised System Components. Students murmur. Jim: No talking! Et Odd? Jeremy: Still nothing from Aelita. What about Odd?


Ulrich: No good. He must be mad at you as well. Jeremy: Because of the jokes about his feet? Jeremy: Still nothing from Aelita Ulrich: Forget it. Looks as if Odd is angry at us as well. Jeremy: 'Cause of his smelly feet? That's dumb!

Dernier lit

Odd: Eh c'est pas moi! Jeremy: Now that doesn't smell right. Odd: Hey, it's not me! Jeremy: Hold on, I'll check it out. The Pretender. Ulrich: After the lunchroom, she'll go to the gym. Go and train with her, and ask her for advice! She loves that! Ulrich: Now when you guys get to the gym, ask her for all kinds of advice. Yumi: Les corbeaux?

Non, j'vois pas. Yumi: A big flock of birds? I'll be right there.

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Aller, qui m'aime me suive! On va s'offrir un bain d'foule Odd: I don't believe it! Aelita: We've been through worse. And besides, it's not every day we have such a big audience. Vous avez rendez-vous avec une bande de Krabe!

Odd: Allez! Ulrich: No, and it's just as well, or the whole school would've already drowned in the floods!

Jeremy: Rejoice, the battle of the stats may now begin! You have a rendezvous with a group of Krabs! Odd: Come on!


Hurry up Ulrich, or there'll be nothing but shells left for you! Ulrich: If you did, you'd have drowned in your tears ages ago! Jeremy: You can start earning your points now XANA's sent you a big welcome party of Krabs. Odd: Let's go, Ulrich! I'll leave you the claws! Odd: Bah vas-y, vas t'occuper des Krabes si t'es si malin!

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  8. Ulrich: Oh, well done, fantastic "style," Odd! Odd: Go on then, you take care of the Krabs if you're so clever! Ulrich: Is that what you mean by, "style," huh?

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    Odd: Go on, then! See if you can do any better! Odd: J'veux bien mais Odd: I'd love to, but Ulrich: Great, Odd! Ok, I take that back! Odd: Ouais d'accord! Le secret The secret [French episode file] [French episode script]. The Secret. Yumi: I wouldn't exactly call this being "up," would you? William: Alors, j'attends William: Well, I'm waiting Odd: Boh c'est pas grave, Yumi.

    Tu sais, moi aussi j'ai l'sommeil un peu lourd.

    PDF Le dernier jour sarrête à minuit (FICTION) (French Edition)

    Odd: Oh it's no big deal, Yumi. You know, I'm kind of a heavy sleeper too. Of course, with Ulrich, who snores like a flock of chainsaws, it's a survival instinct! Odd: Nothing to worry about. I oversleep at least three times a week! Of course, with Ulrich, who snores like a grizzly, it's a question of survival!

    Ulrich: Sans blague? Fumey: Aah! Ah, les petits cachottiers! Fumey: Oh! I would never have guessed! I'll excuse their absence this time. Admirez l'artiste! Jim: In other words, a few moments of grace and harmony in a world of brutes! But rather than giving you a long speech, I'd prefer to give you a little demonstration. Admire the artist! Yumi: Well if that's grace, I think I'd still prefer the brutes! Jim: And that means But since, as someone once said, a picture's worth a thousand words, here's a demonstration!

    Admire the finesse! Yumi: You know what I think? That's about as graceful as tractor pulling! William: Surtout si vous me jouez un sale tour, je suis du genre rancunier. William: I remember everything, and I'm great at holding a grudge. William: So that was her little secret: a high-tech hideout, a sci-fi version of Ali Baba's cave!

    William: So that's your secret.