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  1. Remember Us: My Journey from the Shtetl Through the Holocaust by Martin Small
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Always remember to look at the positive side of things.

Looking at the negative side will only make you bitter. If you only put positive things out in your universe, only positive things can return back to you. Start your day off right and wake up with a smile every day. It will brighten your mood in the morning and will last throughout your day. Be courageous in your life. Be brave enough to try something different. Only then will you discover new life possibilities. If you are always doing the same thing, you will always end up with the same results.

Do something different and gain a different result. Give a little of yourself in every situation; you never know who you will be helping. It may not be for the person you are giving a little of yourself to, but they may know someone who needs to hear what you said.

Remember Us: My Journey from the Shtetl Through the Holocaust by Martin Small

Even when it gets rough, hold your head up high so you can tell when you are at the top. The path you walk in life was already predestined by your creator so allow your creator to lead and guide you along your journey in life. Find your purpose in life. You will be much happier in life knowing you are living out your purpose.

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Lastly, show gratitude towards everything in life. Be grateful enough to say thank you from the smallest to the greatest. Your universe will continue to bless you because it knows you will be thankful.

Journey Quotes

Myra Hunn is a mother of two, coach, motivator, radio host and owner of a growing online network called Learning the Lord Network, LLC. Despite what comes our way at times. The pedestrians only get 18 seconds to cross. And we too have limited time in this one wild and precious life.

Are we going to spend it waiting hesitantly from the side-lines, too afraid to stand out from others or stand up for what we believe? Or are we going to going to step out for what we believe is important in life, despite the force of the traffic across our path? Are we going to hold onto our beliefs that a different way is possible even if it is not that common and at times not necessarily that easy?

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Stepping out to do something different always requires a leap of faith and a dose of courage. I hope they encourage you when you feel disheartened in your attempts to create a simpler life for yourself. Forging a different path in life is possible and it is absolutley worth it! Life can be complicated. Sometimes it can take a while to peel off the layers to find a simpler way through. Despite your best efforts, things will always come along to get in your way. Patience, resilience and persistence need to be your friends. Or right for you. Remember you have a choice. Sometimes it may only be the choice in how you respond to circumstances. But it is still a choice. And it will still make a difference to your life. Get to know yourself and learn to trust your instincts. Become the pioneer in your own life instead of waiting for someone else to lead the way. Decide what is most important to you.

Sometimes there is more power in leading by example and simply living it out.

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Be your own encourager. But they may still secretly be thinking nice things! To your own heart be true. There is no peace for a person whose internal and external life are disconnected and disjointed. There is an important connection between our environment and inner well-being. Decluttering your home and finding simple systems for dealing with everyday tasks will have a massive impact.

There will always be a compromise.

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Learn to identify your needs from your wants. Embrace who you are. If you are a quiet introvert who loves reading, you are unlikely to transform yourself into the wildly sociable person, who loves to go out loads.

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  5. Learn to accept and appreciate who you actually are. Stop hanging on to the things that fit this ideal person you want to transform into. Just use the darn thing every day and enjoy it!