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MicMag Sep JasFow Aug ME There is something surrounding my heart Malleable and breathing Alive and keeping me together somehow I've let it open a few times To let someone in, to let you in. Floating Spaceman Jan What is love if not breaking down walls, The wall of trust, The wall of insecurities, The wall of self. What is love if not giving, A piece of yourself, A piece of your heart, A piece of your soul. What is love if not sacrifice, The sacrifice of time, The sacrifice of dedication, The sacrifice of ego.

What is love if not showing weakness, To have your heart laid out on the table, Entrusting your insecurities to a stranger, To have your soul attached to another. What is love if not all this and more. JayceeJellies Oct Sweet Ignorance.

A Pacemaker Wrecks a Family's Life - The New York Times

It's funny how you lie, because I know it all. The things that you say behind these walls, But I won't let you know this, no I will not throw a fit. Because he'd spit out lines of ignorance all over me. And our friendship is more important to me than this, This sweet ignorance.

The pain you've been causing recently to me hurts, It burns every curve, every slot, it slurs my mind, Because I've believed in you from the beginning of time. And to think that you've been laughing, Praising hate towards me. I wish I could just wake up, and tell you about this insane dream. Or maybe I'm the one to blame?

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Have I really been acting out as crazed as you say? Backdooring you as if you weren't anything new, I can't recall these events in the album of my memories. Please start pointing them out to me. I feel as if we are strangers now. It's breaking into my mind, I can no longer sleep right at night. And if I drift away, I wake up with dried tears on my face. I don't want you to go, Please stay by my side.

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Weren't we bestfriends? I never thought you'd be the one to make me feel as if I need to run and hide?

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But now you are, and I have to ignore this, Because if I don't.. There will be ignorance, Ignorance in the sweetest. And neither of us need this.

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This sweet ignorance. Cynthia Jun Brick Walls. It is heavy and hard to see past these four walls. Desperately desiring to break out, Because something always awaits on the other side. I hate this place, I want to get out but doubt is standing right in front of me What will I face? But always wanted to accomplish? Gabriel burnS Nov The Room Chooses its Key. Walter W Hoelbling Feb Mission impossible:.

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