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Home Talking Bones. Talking Bones By Shay Youngblood.

Emily Deschanel on Biggest 'Bones' Lessons, Working With David Boreanaz and Returning to TV

Script use:. Very long on talk. In fact, almost nothing happens in this two-hour, dreamlike play. Instead, Youngblood's characters--who speak a heightened poetic language reminiscent of John Patrick Shanley's--go on and on about their lives, their connection to their ancestors, and their dreams for the future. Even so, the production offers moments of compelling drama, thanks in part to Runako Jahi's simple, graceful direction, and the trio of actresses Felisha McNeal, Delicia Dunham, and Rhonda Marie Bynum at the center of the story. Dunham, in particular, wins both laughs and sympathy as the love-starved mother who falls for a scheming cad but can't see his flaws.

TALKING BONES Cast - TV - Linkeddb

South Chicago Ave. Of course this is like the opposite of now what I'm doing — Animal Kingdom is like the worst thing that could ever happen to a person for what you put out there.

On Bones it was a different show. Younger people watched it, so you have to think about young girls watching the show and seeing female role models and scientists who are really smart and accomplished in their careers, and are successful. I thought about all of that and I really responded to the script, and then I met David Boreanaz. He already had the part when I auditioned for it. I remember thinking, Oh, this could last us three years.

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That would be the longest I could ever in a million years imagine that it could ever last. And then it kept going and going and it was a lot of fun, with some great people. I look back with such fondness. I [spoke with] a friend recently who was an actor on the show as well, and he was saying, "You seem so might lighter than when you were on the show!

It's a lot of responsibility and it's an honor, but you do have to set a tone for a set, and there's pressure to keep the show going and be good. There's all kinds of things that I was probably holding on to that I wasn't realizing, and I look back just remembering all the fun times we had on set with the other actors — like the times in between when they say "cut" and before they say "action" — and of all the conversations we had.

I look back thinking I was so easy-breezy but was usually very stressed about everything.

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She's also a character who is not very emotional, so you probably also had to tamp down your own feelings more when you were playing her. Yeah, that's true. I remember the first season doing takes where there was some things that were super upsetting. I remember there was an episode about a girl in foster care and my character was supposed to be in foster care and I was just bawling crying. We couldn't use any of it.

I was so upset but my character was so cut off emotionally. I loved, like I was saying, that we had these strong female characters. Hart Hanson, who created it, was a feminist himself and we talked about how my character would never be saved by the male lead until I saved him first. We had things like that, and my favorite thing ever was when I met young girls who said they wanted to become scientists or they were in the process of studying science because of watching the show.

That just makes me so happy that we had that kind of impact on people in such a positive way. What was it like working with David Boreanaz, who had come off of a decade of successful shows with Buffy and Angel?

Get e-book Talking Bones: a play

What was it like for you as a relative newcomer to be paired up with someone who can be notoriously prickly sometimes? No comment. He respected me from the very beginning, and I will always appreciate that. We had a great relationship.

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  • I had worked for several years but I'd never been a regular on a TV show before, so it was very new to me. He never tried to tell me what to do, never tried to school me in any way or make me feel like I didn't belong or like I was learning and new. We went to an acting coach, so we basically had therapy every week together, which is kind of hilarious, in certain ways, 'cause we would talk about our lives as well in the sessions.

    We also had an agreement: We spent more time with each other than we did with our own spouses — with anybody else, really — and we fully acknowledged that we would drive each other crazy. We gave each other permission to walk away at different times, or just say "you're really bothering me right now," or "you're annoying me, I have to get away from you. It really helped us to get along better in that way, and he always respected me and I love that about him.

    We would laugh about a million things and he became like a brother and played jokes on me and stuff.