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  3. How Religious Restrictions Have Risen Around the World| Pew Research Center

See the announcement here Word-format.

Student Blogs

For information please contact Prof. Elom Dovlo , University of Ghana; Prof. Abdulkader Tayob , University of Nijmegen; or Dr. Matthews A. Ojo , Obafemi Awolowo University. For information please contact Dr. Madhu Kishwar. Association for the Study of Religion in Southern Africa. The academic programme in Spanish is available here pdf format. The original conference announcements in Spanish are available here pdf format. September , in Bremen Germany. Fifth International Conference on Religion and Society. Sao Paulo, Brazil, July The original conference announcement in english is available here html format.

VII National Congress. The academic programme is available here pdf format. II Annual Conference. An approach paper of the conference is available here html format. Divine Mediators in the Ancient Mediterranean World. Publication Date: 01 Jan Editor s : Carl-Martin Edsman. Volume 5. By: Jan Zandee. Publication Date: 14 Aug Researches into the Nature and Structure of Religion.

By: Schimmel. With a Preface by M.

Study Religious Studies Abroad

By: Bolle. Publication Date: 13 Nov Volume 9. By: Stoeffler.

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An Archaeological Study. By: James. Colloquium of Messina, 13—18 April Texts and Discussions. Editor s : Bianchi.

How Religious Restrictions Have Risen Around the World| Pew Research Center

Volume 1. By: Pettazzoni. Enactment of Religious Renewal. Essays in Memory of Erwin Ramsdell Goodenough. Edited by J. By: Jacob Neusner. Interfaith and Intercultural Communication. By: Jurji. A Historical and Comparative Inquiry. Studies in Honour of Professor Dr.

The essence of religion and the context of religious beliefs, practices, and institutions

Publication Date: 01 Dec Volume Editor s : Bleeker and Werblowsky. Studia Geo Widengren xxiv mense Aprili mcmlxxii quo die lustra tredecim feliciter explevit oblata ab collegis, discipulis, amicis, collegae magistro amico congratulantibus. Pars altera. Pars prior. Editor s : Bleeker , Brandon and Simon. Urbild des Vaters, des Gatten und der Frau. Papers and Discussions. Editor s : Bianchi , Bleeker and Bausani. An Analogical Study.

By: Ramsaran. A comparative study. By: Sabourin. Philosophy and Historiography in the Theology of Rudolf Bultmann. By: Johnson. Christian and Buddhist symbols of evil. By: Boyd. Anton Antweiler zu seinem Editor s : Khoury and Wiegels. By: Thursby. A Collection of Studies in the Science of Religion.

By: Berggren. Editor s : Widengren , Bleeker and Sharpe. A Study of Religion in Vietnamese Society. With a Preface by P. By: Oliver. By: Ergardt. By: Bianchi. Publication Date: 01 Jun By: John Gwyn Griffiths. Essays in Honor of Joseph M. Editor s : Reynolds and TH. Proceedings of the Conference at Yale March Editor s : Bentley Layton. A Collection of Articles.

By: Lazarus-Yafeh. New Essays in the History of Religions. Editor s : Smith. With a Foreword by A. By: Awn. Essays to D. Editor s : Kloppenborg. By: Sara Davies. A Study in the Emplantation of Religion. By: Grayson. By: Baljon. Zwi Werblowsky. Essays on the History of Religions. Editor s : van der Plas.

By: Cohen.

By: Knox. A Study in the Ecology of Belief.