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  1. Liberty Reserve Head Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison
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  4. Liberty Reserve: Serving The Unbanked Or The "Underworld"? |

That means that was on 23 rd. In that case, we will kick down BBC. I also found the news with video.

Liberty Reserve Head Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

Does BBC care? So I am thinking now that the only possibility that the video was linked to the LR arrest is those people from narco were using Liberty Reserve to commit their crimes… Maybe they were funding their VCC with LR funds. Now things started to make sense. One more time.

I did also visited the official sites of US, Spain, Costa Rica government, and searched these keywords:. Also when a domain gets seized, the seizure image comes from a. Anyway, after I saw the news today, and I did read all the documents presented here. My conclusion is that Budovsky tried to run away with the money and got caught for that. The whole story seems really short and foggy. Liberty Reserve was operating for years and years … and nothing.

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Friday November 22, Navy veteran found dead in his apartment three years later Ellie Bufkin. A Navy veteran found deceased in his Texas apartment was thought by officials to have died up to three years ago, the last time anyone heard from him.

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Biden says Sally Yates could be his vice presidential pick Joseph Simonson. The famous pink wool suit donned by first lady Jackie Kennedy the day her husband was assassinated will not be viewed by the public until at least Part of the new laws were that it was now a federal crime to operate a money transmitter business without a license to do so. Gold Age was shuttered in after Budovsky and Kats were prosecuted for money laundering. Budovsky fled to Costa Rica to escape his 5 year jail sentence. In , E-Gold folded after being charged with illegal money transferring and money laundering charges.

Liberty Reserve performed essentially the same function as E-Gold had. It allowed users to send and receive payments without revealing details like account numbers or their real identity. This made it more popular than Bitcoin, which came a few years after Liberty Reserve was founded.

Users would buy LRs through a third party exchange, then could send LRs to each other and withdraw them into fiat currency through an exchange, much like E-Gold. Users could also store their money on the site. Setting up an account was dead easy; you just needed to provide a name, address and email and none of that information was verified. Costa Rica had little to no oversight when it came to international financial transactions, which not only made it easy for Budovsky to build Liberty Reserve in the first place, but also for criminals to conduct their business through the digital currency.

Given that the company had absolutely no AML or KYC procedures in place, criminal activity became a big part of the site. For the most part, Liberty Reserve managed to stay off the radar of the United States government.

Liberty Reserve: Serving The Unbanked Or The "Underworld"? |

Since Costa Rica did not have an extradition treaty with the United States, Budovsky felt relatively safe from the law; he had even renounced his US citizenship and became a Costa Rican citizen through an alleged sham marriage. Budovsky even insisted that employees use a pseudonym when referring to him.

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Liberty Reserve was first noticed in , when a Vietnamese man by the name of Hieu Minh Ngo became the target of a sting operation. Ngo was a big-time identity thief, who would sell packages of personal data to other criminals at exorbitant prices.

Gregory Evans on Al Jazeera News Talking About Liberty Reserve

Investigators noticed that Ngo was asking for payments to a Liberty Reserve account, and their ears pricked up. Ngo was arrested in , but by that time inquiries were already being made into Liberty Reserve. US authorities began to notice that suspects in unrelated investigations were using Liberty Reserve to move dirty money. It appeared to be a central hub for criminal activity, ranging from money laundering to Ponzi schemes , child pornography, and identity theft.

There had already been incidents before the US authorities took notice.

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In , Liberty Reserve had started the process of applying for a money transmitting license in Costa Rica. In order to do so, it was legally required to hire an AML compliance officer.